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What do we think of Europa Casino?

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Europa casino is an online casino that was established in 2004, this site has gone through several twists and turns but after 2018, the site has changed owners and has experienced a real rise, we will offer you to know one side of these changes through our article.

In this article, we will introduce you to the different payment methods offered at Europa online casino, we will also present our opinion of the site and some of the site’s strengths that we consider to be real assets.

What payment methods are offered at this European online casino?

To facilitate the various transactions on the Europa casino site, the site has spared no efforts to offer more than 45 methods to its users, with more advantages such as turnaround time or the ease of application of these methods and even increase the number of currencies accepted on the site.

The site offers a bonus to every user who chooses the prepaid card method, so they will receive a 10-15% bonus.

To begin with, the site offers the classic payment methods such as:

  • bank transfers
  • payments by bank cards
  • online money transfer sites

Users will also be able to make their payments on the Europa casino site via methods not widely used elsewhere, such as Swiff, TrustPay, these electronic wallets are only used in certain countries such as the United States and Canada.

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Users have a wide choice of currencies to use, they can use up to 5 currencies among these currencies are the Canadian dollar and Euro.

The Europa online casino frames the payments made on its interface with certain rules, the site accepts a maximum number of 10 pre-paid cards by each user, the minimum and maximum debit amounts, differ from one method to another, you have the possibility to withdraw a maximum amount of $9990 in one month, this rule is the same for each of the methods offered, the site can make you a reward of 500,000 Canadian dollars on certain games, the biggest advantage you could enjoy when you make a deposit or withdrawal at the online casino Europa is that the site does not apply any transfer or withdrawal fees, which is contrary with other online casinos that set withdrawal and deposit fees on every transfer or withdrawal made at their sites.

The player is entitled to withdraw a maximum of C$9990 per month.

Our review of Europa online casino

We sincerely believe that the site has taken a big step towards the top of the French-speaking online casinos, thanks to the quality of the games it offers, as well as the various advantages it gives its users, have enabled it to secure a place among the best.

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