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Welcome To 420Times.org! You Have Made A Wise Decision, Grasshopper! LOL!

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420Times.org is an ALL WEED Site! Weed strains, weed usage, weed cultivation, seed selection, weed legislation and much MUCH more! The Green is at the top of the list in so many publications and medical journals that there is no denying that WEED is the latest HIT (HAHA) and it’s going to the TOP OF THE CHARTS with at BULLET! Like, maybe a BULLET TRAIN! You know the story behind Bullet Trains, don’t you? They’re sleek, fast and powerful. Modern transport is what it’s called. And just like the train, marijuana is on a set of rails that are gonna take it farther than anyone can imagine and at breakneck SPEED to boot!

Marijuana, weed, pot, green, bud.. whatever you’d like to call it – is here to stay. The stories are coming in faster than the printer’s ink can dry. Weed is WINNING in so many ways: helping countless people with physical and emotional health issues to such an extent that WEED is or soon will be known as the NEW Medical Miracle! That’s right! The Weed trend is SMOKING red hot!

Truth Spoken Here! Even Wikipedia Agrees with me. I am their Hero! HA! ..just joking but it’s nice to run with a WINNER! Yeh! Click Here: All About The History Of Medical Cannabis!

This site is one of SIX (6!) Weed-Centric sites that I own and operate. That’s how committed I am to bringing YOU, dear visitor, up to date information, the legal gyrations, proper growing skills and general knowledge that’ll make you a bud master in not time flat. In addition, here you will find all the gear you need to HOME BREW your own BUD! How’s that for taking control of your health and wellbeing? Are you tired of feeling like a slave to big pharma? Have you had ENOUGH of expensive, abusive and dangerous prescription medications? Can you really trust medical ‘professionals’ whose paychecks depend in part upon the salesmanship of drug pushing pharmaceutical reps?

The little analysis above should be enough to make you sick if you weren’t already. But the facts are the facts. I know a retired medical doctor (U.S. licensed) who bucked the system. He refused to prescribe the ‘latest and greatest’ overpriced medications to his patients when old school medication did the trick just fine. Psychotropic drugs are HUGE offenders of both humanity and our financial health. It’s the same deal with so many classes of prescribed medications. When you consider that the list of possible ‘side effects’ and drug ‘interactions’ is generally longer than your left arm, it’s time to WAKE UP and SNAP OUT OF IT!

We are finally seeing a searing, bright light at the end of a tunnel of horrors! Seeing as I have years of personal experience in these matters, I’m not just talking out of my ass! I could tell you stories that might well make the hair on the back of your necks stand straight up.. Someday, perhaps I’ll queue you in! Suffice it to say, truth makes fiction look like child’s fairytale.

For now though, I’d like to personally welcome you to 420Times.org. Since I run the joint (HA!-Cough COUGH!), you can rest assured that the buck stops here. Should you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me directly through the ‘Contact’ form right up on the menu. I will always do my best to keep it real with you!

Thank You For Being Here!
My Very Best To You,
a.k.a. mrwonderful

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