What is Nanoemulsion and How Does it Affect CBD?

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Scientists recently found out how to pass ‘nano’ droplets into the mouth and blood by using ultrasound waves to blow CBD oil. This nano emulsified CBD has a quick rushing action, almost 5 times proven higher absorption and effective therapeutic effects on a lower dose level. Nanotechnology has been helpful in numerous medical situations all around the world, it has researches done by pharmaceutical companies to prove the effectiveness. Several published scientific studies have been done and so far the FDA had approved over 50 nano-drug applications. Nanotechnology is on the course of changing the game entirely with a proven faster onset and much higher potency at lower doses. Cannabis concentrates and CBD oils are hydrophobic substances. Only a little percentage of the cannabinoids are absorbed by the body because of the poor water solubility that does result in very low bioavailability. One important factor in CBD and cannabis consumption is bioavailability. Enhancing a CBD bioavailability is the best method to increase potency without taking many doses. Because CBD molecule is hydrophobic, oil-based products like CBD creams and oils designed for topical use and ingestion are bound to have low bioavailability.

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