What is a Cannabis Contact High?

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‘Contact High’ is a psychological oddity that a sober person or non-smoker can experience simply by being around people smoking cannabis. There are different debates about the possibility of ‘Contact high’ being a real thing or not. The rapid development of science has made it possible to reexamine the concept of second-hand smoke or cannabis contact high. Before now, scientific research on the subject of contact high has been very limited but due to the extension of research in marijuana, getting the facts about contact high was made easy. According to researchers, cannabis smoking can exhibit the same psychological effects on a lower sequence in non-smokers who are around where cannabis is being smoked. So can you get contact high from being around people that smoke cannabis? Or you have to smoke the weed to get high? Is contact high a thing? According to concrete research carried out by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2015, the answer is neither here nor there.

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