5 Reasons We Need to Legalize Marijuana Right Now Even if You Don’t Smoke Weed

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Marijuana legalization is a hot topic right for a variety of reasons, infact cannabis stocks rallied these past few weeks on reports of cannabis being able to slow the coronavirus spread and the inclusion of the Safe Banking Act in the third round of COVID-19 pandemic funding for America.  The concurrent belief that Federal cannabis legalization may be shifted forward during a post-pandemic recession to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and badly needed tax revenue is also part of the recent stock rally.  Is the “perfect storm” forming to rush forward Federal marijuana legalization?  While we at Cannabis.net have always pointed out that if you really want to see cannabis legalization, you have to root for a long and deep recession, if not depression.  The reason?  The worse it gets, the more desperate politicians will be to create jobs and tax revenue, if things get bad, they may have to throw Federal cannabis legalization against the wall and see if it sticks.

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