High Rollerz – Weed Meets Jiu-Jitsu

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I do hope that we see more of these kinds of events. We have to come to a point in history where we say “enough is enough!” The government and politicians had close to eighty years trying to “figure out” the whole weed-shtick and it’s simply time to remove all of the ‘penalties’ associated with consumption and personal growing. We are clinging to policies that were invented by criminals in the 1970s which resulted in horrendous institutionalized crimes against humanity – all in the sake of keeping drugs off the streets? Perhaps it’s time we shed the entire “tough on drugs” approach to life and understand that some people will always do drugs – whether it’s legal or not. Why punish people – like Nick Diaz – for choosing cannabis as their main means of relief? Why stop athletes from making beneficial decisions about their own bodies?

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