Mammoth Munchies and Lit Yoga: A Stoner’s Delight in L.A.

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Creative minds in Los Angeles have dreamed up immersive experiences that any cannabis fan will love.

One is a blend of healthful activity, political action, commerce, and trippy highs, while the other is equally mind-bending as it artfully acknowledges our weak dieting willpower — and brings the munchies to life.

At Cheat Day Land, an Instagram-tailored pop-up “museum” dedicated to diet-busting food, visitors can feast their eyes on oversized gigantic pizzas, doughnuts and hamburgers and insert themselves in a cartoony tableau of selfie-ready backdrops.

Located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, the installation is not only a tour through  favorite cheat-day foods, but it’s also a fantasy munchie paradise.

A few blocks away in an out-of-the-way L.A. warehouse, DankGals staged a Halloween-themed “Flow In the Dark” Yoga event on Oct. 28, 2018, that put a new twist on elevated yoga.

Experienced all in one day, the events showed the range of immersive experiences tailor-made for cannabis fans.

Control yourself when you enter the chocoholic room at the Cheat Day Land, a temporary, Instagram-friendly museum installation in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. (Photo by Suzy Nguyen)

Cheat Day Land is made up of 17 cheat-meal-themed rooms where, unlike traditional museums, touching the artwork is encouraged. A tour guide leads each group of up to 20 people through foil fringed curtains into each exhibit.

Passing through the “Gates to Heaven,” you’ll see a fast-food combo of a cheeseburger, fries and a drink that features a spongy hamburger bun “stage,” perfect for picture posing. Capture a quick Boomerang to animate yourself dangling from a French fry or taking a sip from the giant straw.

If you’re a fan of the benefit of plants, the chocoholic room may absolve you of guilt for indulging in chocolate — or other pleasurable, plant-based substances. Carpeted in hot-pink fake fur, the room is plastered with inspirational messages that extoll the wonders of chocolate.  

A few steps away is the Alphabet Delight room, where guests can dive into a super-sized cereal bowl and pose with the foam alphabet bites and spell out funny words or suspend from the giant spoon for a playful picture.

The Donut Sweat It room is a “gym,” covered in delightful doughnut treats. As one of the most physically interactive rooms in the museum, visitors can float through the air on doughnut “tire” swings, curl cinnamon roll hand weights or deadlift a doughnut dumbbell, which weighs a whopping 60 pounds, or 27.2 kilograms.

The cherry on top of the experience may be the mountain of snacks. The bed of food is arranged on the floor but a cleverly positioned mirror creates illusions that seem to show guests scaling to the top of the mountain of snacks or dangling from a churro.

You can also become part of the food art and take flight with a set of chicken wings or dress up in fun foam cutouts of food “dresses.”

After immersing in the pop-art foodie heaven, it was time to join DankGals as the glass company hosted a Halloween-themed pop-up yoga event, Smokey Hallow. Billed as a glow-in-the-dark, CBD-infused yoga experience, guests — predominantly female — finger-painted their skin with fluorescent body paints that made them into movable art. 

Pipes crafted by glass artist Kate Tatsumi were on display at Smokey Hallow, an elevated yoga practice hosted by DankGals. (Photo by Allena Braithwaite)

The mood-setting blacklight not only intensified the paint colors, but it also added to the spooky vibe. Or was that from sampling the vendors’ free edibles and smokes?  Vendors passed out prerolls, while tables were loaded with infused mini-pastries from Babinka Treats and infused tamales from Blaze N Jane.

Along with sweet treats, there were also edibles by Somatik and glass pipes by California-based artist Kate Tatsumi.

These doughnut-looking edibles were prepared by Babinka Treats for DankGirls’ Smokey Hallow yoga practice. (Photo by Allena Braithwaite)

After everyone had plenty of opportunity to inhale smoke or nibble sweets, yoga instructor Anna Cantwell led the very relaxed yogis on a themed journey with poses she renamed in honor of the holiday: Candy corn triangle pose and Halloween black cat back arches. Some students managed to hold a joint while balancing in the downward-facing dog pose, while stopping for a sip of complimentary coconut water.

Cannabis-infused, chocolate-covered coffee beans by Somatik were served at DankGals’ Smokey Hallow elevated yoga session. (Photo by Allena Braithwaite)

Though glow-in-the-dark yoga was the main attraction, the evening also featured chair massages with CBD oil, colorful yoga wear by Brooke Taylor, infused coffee beans and goji berries from Somatik and a gift box filled with Stiiizy swag, a Kushkard greeting card for stoners, and a keychain attached to a handmade plush boob, in honor of the breast cancer awareness-themed wading pool filled with hundreds of similar lace-and-velveteen boobs.

While the event was all lit with good vibes, DankGals and Budding Mind took the platform to a more serious matter. Brooke Burgstahler, a cannabis reporter and advocate with Budding Mind attended the event to rally for legalization and cannabis justice. In a short speech, she  explained that “prisoners of prohibition” are incarcerated and serving long sentences for a marijuana offenses. She urged attendees to write letters and argue for those convictions to be overturned.

“Flow In the Dark” Yoga event on Oct. 28, 2018. (Photo by Allena Braithwaite)

If You Go:

  • DankGals hosts elevated yoga events monthly in Los Angeles. For more information,  follow DankGals on Instagram and on a backup account @DankGals_Social.
  • Cheat Day Land continues through Feb. 15, 2019, at 2018 E. 7th St., Los Angeles. Admission is $38. For more information or tickets, visit its website or follow its Instagram account.

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