Not Registered to Vote? There’s Still Time in Key States!

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As the Nov. 6, 2018, elections approach, two questions matter more than all the others: Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

And while you may be tired of being bombarded, it’s a question worth asking, and worth verifying, even if you think you’re registered. Voting is important to our democratic process, especially when it comes to marijuana reform and legalization.

From Oct. 17, 2018 to Election Day, Nov. 6, a timeline with the remaining voter registration state deadlines. The deadline has passed in 27 states Source: State government websites. Timeline: Braithwaite

Although cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, 31 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana through ballot initiatives or legislative action. At the local level, voters also will be deciding whether marijuana can be sold, taxed and regulated.

This Election Day, registered voters across the nation will have the chance to cast important votes for pro-cannabis policies and marijuana-reform-minded lawmakers, including:

  • In North Dakota and Michigan, voters will have the opportunity to vote to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.
  • In Missouri and Utah, voters can vote to legalize medical marijuana. Missouri voters will have three marijuana-related measures to vote on, all of which would legalize cannabis but vary in the tax rates that would be imposed. Also, Republican Utah Gov. Gary Herbert promised to call a special legislative session to craft a medical marijuana policy, regardless of the outcome of the vote.
  • In California, 13 cities — Bakersfield, Malibu, Marina, Banning, Hemet, Jurupa Valley, San Juan Bautista, San Luis Obispo, Half Moon Bay, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, Fillmore, and Vista — are voting to open or expand cannabis markets.
  • In Ohio, six municipalities — Dayton, Fremont, Garrettsville, Norwood, Oregon, and Windham — can vote to decriminalize marijuana through local initiatives, according to Marijuana Moment.
  • In Illinois, the governor’s office, the state’s attorney general, and state legislative seats are up for grabs — with candidates who support and oppose furthering marijuana reform.
  • In Texas, Republican U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, who chairs the House Rules Committee  has held up every legalization bill put forward for five years, faces stiff competition from Democrat Colin Allred, according to FiveThirtyEight’s election coverage.

Back to the burning question: Are you registered to vote?

While as of Oct. 17, 2018, the last day to register (italic type) in 27 states has come and gone, there is still time in some states (boldface type) — California, Illinois, North Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. Eleven states allow registration on Election Day. The deadlines below, along with links to elections authorities.

Alabama: Oct. 22

Alaska: Oct. 7

Arizona: Oct. 9

Arkansas: Oct. 9

California: Oct. 22

Colorado: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Connecticut: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Delaware: Oct. 13

Washington, D.C.: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Florida: Oct. 9

Georgia: Oct. 9

Hawaii: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Idaho: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Illinois: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Indiana: Oct. 9

Iowa: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Kansas: Oct. 16

Kentucky: Oct. 9

Louisiana: Oct. 9, Oct. 16 (online)

Maine: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Maryland: Oct. 16

Massachusetts: Oct. 17

Michigan: Oct. 9

Minnesota: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Mississippi: Oct. 9

Missouri: Oct. 10

Montana: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Nebraska: Oct. 26

Nevada: Oct. 18

New Hampshire: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

New Jersey: Oct. 16

New Mexico: Oct. 9

New York: Oct. 12

North Carolina: Oct. 12. Oct. 17-Nov. 3 for One-Stop (Early) Voting

North Dakota: None — just bring ID

Ohio: Oct. 9

Oklahoma: Oct. 12

Oregon: Oct. 16

Pennsylvania: Oct. 9

Rhode Island: Oct. 7

South Carolina: Oct. 17

South Dakota: Oct. 22

Tennessee: Oct. 9

Texas: Oct. 9

Utah: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Vermont: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Virginia: Oct. 15

Washington: Oct. 29 for in-person registration

West Virginia: Oct. 16

Wisconsin: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

Wyoming: Nov. 6 (Election Day)

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