Michigan Might Not Allow Marijuana, Alcohol to Mix

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Legislation going to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder for his expected signature would prohibit cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks in Michigan.

The state House approved the bill Oct. 2, 2018, on a 101-4 vote. The measure would bar the use, possession, or sale of marijuana-infused beer, wine, liquor, and mixed drinks.

Supporters say the bill is a pre-emptive move in case Michigan voters legalize recreational cannabis in November 2018. They say marijuana-infused alcohol could exacerbate intoxicated driving.

Opponents say the legislation is a solution to a nonexistent problem because there is no commercial market for marijuana-infused beverages at this time. They say even if the ballot initiative passes, liquor establishments could not sell infused beverages because of a federal cannabis ban.

The bill includes an exception for research institutions.

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