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Hello, my husband and I have waited over 40 years for marijuana to become legal in Canada. Back in the mid 1980’s he was arrested, convicted and jailed for having cannabis oil in his possession. He did 30 days for his first offence. Today he owns a medical cannabis licence. He can walk into any marijuana dispensary store to buy cannabis oil over the counter. Now that marijuana prohibition has ended we’re travelling across Canada to physically visit all the great marijuana stores and cannabis factories. We’ll be listing Canada marijuana companies in our provincial directories. We’ll be blogging about our 420 travels from city to city.

anada marijuana times
The 420 Canada marijuana times cross-country tour begins in Nanaimo, BC.

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Medical marijuana can be legally acquired across Canada. Search for new 420 Canada marijuana websites reflecting 420 products and services. Everyone is asking for Canadian marijuana and medicinal cannabis supplies. Canadian cannabis culture activists and pro-legalization efforts are listed. Every province has unique cannabis culture to explore. Feel free to use the menu system to navigate the country. Once you’ve looked at all the websites, come back often to see blog updates. Canadian cannabis is growing, come on in and grow with the 420 times.

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