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We follow the philosophies of Cannabis Culture across Canada. Canadians now sell cannabis in retail stores across the nation. There are more cannabis brick and mortar stores than there are coffee shops in Canada. Street vendors are popping up in every major city. Online cannabis sites are growing in popularity. Cannabis is now recognized as a legal right for Canadians. It’s now 420 Times Canada!

420 times Canada cannabis sales.
Canadian Cannabis

Canadian Cannabis Marketing

Our 420 times cannabis products are all natural organically produced. Small craft grown operations produce high value THC and CBD content. Nothing is genetically modified. Trichromes are allowed to mature before harvesting. Natural curing techniques fully matures cannabis trichromes for the utmost potency.

British Columbia historically leads the path to legal Canadian cannabis. BC Bud heads the fame charts. Ontario medical marijuana laws stress legal rights of users. Quebec leads a spectacular cannabis marketing campaign. Aurora of Alberta boosts one of the biggest licenced producers of cannabis. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the East Coast of Canada all have large cannabis factories. Canada Post delivers the cannabis nationwide.

Medical uses include chronic pain control, stress relief, appetite increase, menopause symptom relief, arthritis inflammation control,  sleep apnea control, seizure control, combating anorexia, asthma relief, cancer control, PTSD.

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